Joanna Bodzek


Is an artist and educator.
With Ma from Central Saint Martins College /London and Beckmans College of Design/ Stockholm , she works on the edge between fashion and art. In her work she is researching cross cultural issues and home related emotional states as well as the symbolism of colour and its impact on the human body and mind. This research has resulted in a series of conceptual projects and experiments. Since December 2009 she is engaged in a work on the subject of a cross cultural nature the KI-MONO RECONSTRUCTION and a textile design line called ThisFuncionalTable through art, installations, painting and photography.. Recently she is investigating the relation between the “act of making art” and increase in mental health and overall well-being from the philosophical, psychological and emotional point of view.

"I am fascinated by the process.. Process, not the outcome,  allows me to express the various different aspects of existence and creativity in the moment.
I work under the spell of a life long obsession and thirst for colour.. tints and shades.. as well as the ever growing  fascination with the transformative abilities hidden in the act of "art making."


Kimono Reconstruction Project

The Centre for Photography