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Super Natural at Chestnut Mansion

I came to Östergötland in 2008 for the first time to get away from the city and the stress. So the dream was born to stay and work and be in an environment that promotes the natural and use of nature and plants..

Few months ago I saw pictures of Galleri Halvarby and the Chestnut Mansion and I fell in love! I moved here for the summer and autumn.. There was something mysterious about it when i've packed it up my boxes of old collected cloths, crocheted napkins and antique linen. here in Halvarby next to the old 18th century houses standing on the plot, they really feel at home.
From the start I choose to work only with what I found in the garden.. flowers, berries, weeds and rust they became pigments in the natural dye coloring for spotted napkins old shirts armors crocheted napkins and antique damask tablecloths became new mystical forms, forest inhabitants and wall dwellings..

by J