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The new gospel of the old order. 

Da tariki, tariqat

The true revelation of an obscured reality. 
The apostles and prophets of spirit and soul. 
The washing away of our sins in our own blood and tears. 
The transcendence of death. 
The immanence of spirit. 
The extinction of existence in the flame of the supra-real. 
To Her Darkness.

Woman was not allowed to enter area of Koyasan temples for centuries

only for about last 150 years we- woman can enter Koyasan..all temples here are 1200 years old

Now I am sleeping at a temple and have  television in my room, there is sign that say "gentleman" on one door and "woman" on the other it leeds to the hot baths..
.. before there was 1200 temples here..

woman were allow to pray…outside the gates of the mountains, they could come to the outside of the plato and walk around and pray.. this paths are called Ladys walks.. not because they are easy.. today hikers use this "walks".

I will go one ladies walk tomorrow… i want to feel how it was to be left outside in the forrest in the  freezing cold to pray.

Shades of gray with vanilla

“But when does something's destiny finally come to fruition? Is the plant complete when it flowers? When it goes to seed? When the seeds sprout? When everything turns into compost?” 
about Wabi Sabi by l. koren

Vintage sheets naturally dyed with flowers and berries from the garden, the shades are magical.. the top pillow cover is more than 100 years old, made of linen.. a treasure.


©joanna.m.bodzek  Dyed with natural dyes, still smelling strangely beautiful.. good night