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"At root, ecology is an erotic attitude of closeness, relatedness and care. We have made it into a rational/activist project and lost sight of its heart."
Thomas Moore

photo improvisation, bodzek-anufrieva 2012 .

Be the king who has made his own kingdom...

 FULL MOON in Cancer finished at FULL MOON in Leo
“Be the king who has made his own kingdom
Be the moon that has made her own summit.
How much longer
will you coo coo like a pigeon?~ RUMI

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In a dream  I was a boy  who went out from a village, when he return he could not enter his home.. during his absence black dressed intruders  took over his life family and home. 
He walked away and he was desperate, did not knew what to do and he wondered for days and nights, at the end he found himself in the mountains. He screamed and cried for help... suddenly the Earth started moving.. huge figures made of Earth and stone started to appear as if waking up from deep sleep, slowly Mountain Kings and Warriors arouse from underneath the ground and from stones of the mountains.. They said they came to help..

DSC_4543 - Version 2.jpg

In Tokyo

Still zombienized in the mornings.. sleepwalking i went to Tokyo Art Center it was hundreds of graduating students work on display.. such a feast so much emerging talents… i did not realized when 3 hours went.. i hope to go there again before i live.   

Art work from the final exhibition at the Tokyo Art Center, a greg place to visit

Art work from the final exhibition at the Tokyo Art Center, a greg place to visit

Good night prayer

Good Night Prayer, No 2, good night to undone projects, august 22

Gluing together past projects, the unfinished, unseen and unused that now is standing in the way, ever present, a ghost of too may things.. makes you think..i should use this.. or that.. i have that waiting to be finished.. 
I'll se where it will take me.


i did not do anything out of you / now i pray / it is good night prayer/ let me walk up free in the morning.  June 11

June 11