Art & Vedas, 3 weekends Intuitive Art Course. Stockholm

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Art & Vedas, 3 weekends Intuitive Art Course. Stockholm


By Joanna Bodzek

The foundation course
At a very basic level of our being we have been given the great gift of creation.
The energy of creation is in your root. Do not forget that… there a myriads of ways to come in contact with it. One of them is Art& Vedas course, a kind of Ancient Future Course!

Vedas point to 56 art forms! one of which is painting. 
With a brush and paint You can make a conscious choice to create a new direction, freeing up the energy of creation. 
There you can meet the Goddess of Art and from one small seed you can paint an entire tree or even an orchard of trees that feeds you for a lifetime.
On this Journey you will examine how you are creating or have created your life and decide if it is in concert with how you would like it to be. If not, you can re-paint it.

The Art& Vedas course conveys ancient knowledge of life itself.

Everything you create you create at your own image.. of course, how could it be otherwise.

And that's why it is fascinating how with every brush stroke you will learn more about yourself and
re-discover your real inner being

In my courses I draw upon 30 years of daily experience of creative work as artist and designer as well as upon passion for self development and personal growth with inspiration from expressive arts, eastern philosophy and related studies within modern neuroscience.

This 3 weekend long course start in September 2019.


  • Friday 6:00PM - 9:00PM

  • Saturday 10:00AM - 6:00PM

  • Sunday 10:00AM - 6:00PM
    Located in Tumba just on the outskirts of Stockholm. 

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